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Mistaken Era – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Mistaken Era – Chapter 2

Such insulting words slandering their master Tang Youshu were too harsh!

The Talisman Sect’s disciples could no longer keep composed faces. Ji Wuqi grit his teeth, ready to argue with them.

But at that moment, one of the Sword Sect disciples with two curved lotus lines on his forehead immediately stepped forward. He extended his index and middle fingers, manifesting a sword qi that lashed out towards the falcon perched on the roof beam.

Accompanied by a shrill cry, the falcon instantly vanished, leaving only a yellow talisman paper fluttering down.

As the county magistrate reached for his hat, it was neatly back atop his head, as if it had never been snatched away…

“Hmph, the so-called Spirit Mountain Talisman Sect? Nothing but petty deceptive tricks, far from qualifying as true cultivation!” The youth scoffed as he withdrew his sword qi.

In the path of cultivation, refining pills and practicing inner qi is considered the supreme method. Like the Sword Sect using qi to wield swords, it requires extremely high innate talent and fortuitous opportunities.

The middle-tier path involves things like gathering herbs to compound pills. If one luckily obtains immortal connections, they may ascend in a single step.

As for talisman scripting and similar lower practices, they are merely side-paths barely making a living – although visually flashy, they cannot enter the highest realms of true cultivation.

In the past century, while other major sects have produced cultivators ascending to immortality, the Talisman Sect has never had anyone reach full attainment.

For this minor Talisman Sect to now brazenly dismiss the Nine Profundities disciples is simply outrageous.

Originally ignorant of such matters, Cui Xiaoxiao now understood that the sect she inherited was not even worthy enough to carry the prestigious sects’ shoes.

However, she did not get angry. Even though the other party insulted her sect, she simply blinked her brilliant large eyes, silently observing those few disciples.

Seeing the two sides at an impasse, the county magistrate hurriedly tried to mediate: “You are all dragons and phoenixes among the younger generation. It is a blessing to have you grace our humble county! Why not stay, and whichever party resolves the demonic disturbance at the silkworm farm shall be greatly rewarded by this official. What do you say?”

The senior Nine Profundities disciple Jiang Zheng coldly laughed, “We subdue demons only under our sect leader’s command, not for some paltry reward. It’s just that your notice has attracted too many deviant cultivators. To avoid further complications…this official need not send anyone, leave it fully to my Nine Profundities Sect. But if anyone remains oblivious, don’t blame me for not issuing a warning first – dying to demonic forces is far less comfortable than a natural death!”

His final words were clearly directed at the Talisman Sect disciples.

The county magistrate was rendered speechless, unable to save face, and cowered under the imposing aura of these sword cultivators. He turned towards the Spirit Mountain group again.

Lacking the lofty dignity of the Nine Profundities, Cui Xiaoxiao immediately said, “We don’t need gold or silver. For demon subjugation in service of the people…however…if the official could provide us some hearty meals, my fellow disciples and I would be immensely grateful!”

With their late master’s troublesome curse still unbroken, even piles of gold and silver would be useless. Some fulfilling meals would be more practical.

Hearing this, the county magistrate felt he had found a way out and his face beamed with smiles, finding these Talisman Sect cultivators more likable than those arrogant Sword Sect scions.

The leading Sword Sect disciple, seeing these deviant cultivators could not be disciplined, spared no more words and snorted before turning to lead his people away with a flick of their sleeves.

Perhaps due to their overwhelming aura, as they passed by it seemed to whip up a sweeping wind, their long sleeves fluttering elegantly as their robes trailed blossoming patterns – the disheveled Talisman Sect group instinctively stepped back.

However, Cui Xiaoxiao remained unmoving, her large eyes fixated on one of the Sword Sect disciples.

Her second senior martial sister Jiang Nanmu also followed her gaze – towards a tall, broad-shouldered young man with black hair cascading over his shoulders, clad in a white robe.

As this youth in pristine white with a jade-like topknot passed by, one couldn’t help but be drawn to his handsome sword-like brows and beautiful eyes.

Truly a stunning youth! No wonder Cui Xiaoxiao, a girl of budding beauty, couldn’t resist staring at him.

Yet unlike the other Sword Sect disciples displaying curved lotus line patterns on their foreheads, this elegant young man’s brow was smooth and unmarked, likely signifying he was a new novice disciple without much cultivation base.

Though Jiang Nanmu prided herself on not being tempted by appearances, she still joined her junior sister in admiring that beauty until he departed from sight.

It was said the Nine Profundities gathered the greatest talents in the world – seeing them in person, it seemed undoubtedly true.

After the Sword Sect disciples departed, Cui Xiaoxiao and her group shamelessly stayed behind to first enjoy a hearty meal.

Thus, the four disciples plus one dog accepted the county magistrate’s hospitality and entered the official dining hall for their first hot meal in several days.

Halfway through eating however, it seemed another distinguished guest had arrived at the county office. They saw a merchant-dressed middle-aged man walking in cheerfully, accompanied by the county magistrate.

This guest appeared to be of high status, as the county magistrate respectfully greeted him with bows.

According to gossiping kitchen servants, the man’s surname was Jin, given name Youde – the largest local silkworm trader with silkworm farms and mulberry fields spanning a hundred li around. He also owned many banks and teahouses.

The farm afflicted by demonic disturbances naturally belonged to him as well.

With this incident severely impacting his business, as other traders refused to purchase his stock, Jin Youde paid a personal visit while escorted by the magistrate to assess if these demon-dispelling cultivators possessed true abilities.

Ji Wuqi took the lead, brushing past Cui Xiaoxiao to greet the merchant Jin directly.

Though conversing with the senior disciple, Jin’s gaze couldn’t help wandering over to the two ladies at the dining table, eventually settling his sights on Cui Xiaoxiao.

Tsk tsk, what an enchanting beauty!

Though this young lady only wore simple linen robes, sitting upright at the table, a rouge-red mole at the corner of her eye made one’s gaze linger.

Even without makeup, one could tell her features were crisp and alluring, pure like a freshly blossomed lotus. If she changed into thin silks, pinned up her hair loosely and swayed her willow waist by candlelight, she would exude an entirely different charm…

As Jin Youde’s gaze deepened with implications, Cui Xiaoxiao did not avoid his eyes, simply chewing her meal while coolly returning his look.

Observing this exchange of flirtatious glances between man and woman, Ji Wuqi couldn’t help but sneer inwardly. It seemed their new sect leader, if she descended into mundane attractions, could likely make a living peddling her pretty face.

Finally, after pleasantries were exchanged, the merchant Jin took his lingering looks and followed the county magistrate out.

Cui Xiaoxiao also seemed flustered by the wealthy merchant’s advances. Though the visitor had left, she was still curious about Jin Youde’s background.

When Ji Wuqi looked up again, Cui Xiaoxiao had brought her bowl to squat by the entrance, eating while casually chatting with the gatehouse guards.

Her petite stature made even more frail from recent wanderings, combined with her youthful beauty, easily aroused men’s protective instincts. So after just a few words, the guards were happily divulging all to the young lady.

They explained that the afflicted silkworm farm had shown no prior abnormalities until two months ago, when a night-shift worker mysteriously vanished without a trace. Initially, it was assumed the youth had snuck off for pleasure-seeking.

Yet after five days with no return, a sweeper maid happened to glance up and spotted a pale, bulbous mass clinging to the roof beams.

Taking a closer look, she fainted in horror – for enveloped in those giant “silkworm cocoons” was a pallid human face vaguely visible through the silk fibers.

The cocooned victim was that missing worker, but by the time villagers discovered him, some demonic beast had entirely drained his body, leaving behind only withered skin and bones without a drop of blood.

When the county office received the report and sent personnel to guard the premises, another two officers and a night-watch assistant were also ensnared by roof beams, suffering equally grotesque fates. Only one managed a narrow escape before dying of fright soon after.

News then quickly spread about a “sentient silk sprite” lurking there. Beyond the sealed farm, all shops and businesses shut down across town and villages as panicked residents could only scatter talisman ashes around their homes for exorcism before barricading themselves indoors, awaiting officials to resolve the crisis.

Upholding the ethereal grace of a sect master, Cui Xiaoxiao simply listened with a slight smile as the gatekeeper finished recounting the tale. At some point, their chat had turned to other matters as she even requested a pouch of tobacco from the pipe-smoking guard.

Ji Wuqi despised this bad habit of hers – always taking advantage through trickery no matter where she went. Swindling even lowly gatekeepers was utterly shameless!

Once Cui Xiaoxiao could pry no more information, she downed her last mouthful of rice before rejoining her three fellow disciples in hushed tones: “This mission seems too daunting. We should likely withdraw after this meal…”

Unable to stand the new sect master’s lowly, swindling conduct, Ji Wuqi slammed down his utensils and glared. “You think we’re the same as you – just some street hustler? Since we’ve accepted this task and eaten their food, we cannot back down even if it means death!”

Second Senior Sister Jiang Nanmu and Junior Brother A Yi both gave affirmative nods in solemn agreement.

Among the cultivation sects, theirs was the most disreputable, looked down upon by other orthodox practitioners.

Yet as the last flickering torch-bearers of the Talisman Sect’s lineage, they had to uphold the integrity of their school.

Cui Xiaoxiao pondered their resolute expressions before pursing her lips. “Very well, if you all insist, then we shall make an attempt tonight…”

With that, she retrieved a dilapidated, coverless book from her robes to review some verbal incantations and cultivation formulas, flipping through the pages intently.

This battered tome was the esoteric manual their late founder Tang Youshu had bequeathed to Cui Xiaoxiao on his deathbed.

The other three disciples showed no interest in this so-called “secret manual.”

Though their master proclaimed it contained the Talisman Sect’s supreme, esoteric teachings only inherited by each sect leader…

When Ji Wuqi and the others had initially become disciples, earning Tang Youshu’s favor allowed them to “exceptionally” browse the book’s contents once.

Beyond some basic entry-level talisman scripts and spells from Spirit Mountain, most of it simply recounted Tang Youshu’s personal hardships pioneering the sect after leaving his own diabolical master Wei Jie.

Perhaps fearing his feats and legacy would be forgotten after death, their departing master took it upon himself to author this chronicle, repackaged as a “secret manual” that all disciples were obligated to study.

As for attaining even higher levels of cultivation after joining the sect…the old master had said that further progress depended entirely on one’s personal talents and aptitude.

To be fair, he made a valid point. Talismans were merely vessels to amplify the innate abilities of the talisman cultivator.

The same talisman script would yield completely different effects in the hands of people with disparate aptitudes.

In Ji Wuqi’s view, for someone like the totally uncultivated Cui Xiaoxiao, even holding one of their master’s hand-drawn spirit talismans would be as useless as toilet paper.

Mistaken Era

Mistaken Era

Mistaken World
Score 8.5
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
The master once said that Cui Xiaoxiao, who has the “Ten Injuries” destiny, was actually very lucky. If she had been born two hundred years earlier, with her extremely yin destiny, she would have become the nemesis of the Demon Sect Lord Wei Jie. If that were the case, the novice Xiaoxiao would have been hunted to the ends of the earth, her bones scattered and ashes dispersed… Xiaoxiao secretly exclaimed in relief: Wei Jie was cold and cruel by nature. Fortunately, two hundred years ago, he was killed by his vengeful disciple Qin Lingxiao. This demon is gone from the world! Only his evil reputation remains stinking for eternity. Later, Cui Xiaoxiao accidentally time-traveled back two hundred years and took on a handsome and unrestrained young man as her disciple. Cui Xiaoxiao was very gratified, secretly praying to her master’s spirit: Our Lingshan Talisman Sect has finally branched out and spread! I will definitely cultivate my disciple into a talent! After praying, she turned to her tall and mighty disciple, smiling and asking, “Disciple, I forgot to ask earlier, what is your surname?” The disciple looked at his master’s bright eyes and slowly said, “My surname is Wei, Wei Jie…” Short introduction: The wrong time, the right person… Female lead: Accidentally took the Demon Lord ancestor as a disciple, leading him down the path of demonic cultivation in her bitter life. Male lead: Accidentally took on an adorable master, living a blessed life receiving her loving smiles every day.


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