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TAWTBM – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Take a look at your room

8. Take a look at your room

In the main hall of the lord’s mansion, hosts and guests took their respective seats. Servants brought out plates of fruits and tea refreshments, turning the usually spacious hall into a lively scene.

Yan Lie and Huang Fu Xiong, once brothers-in-arms who had fought together life and death, were about to become in-laws through marriage. Seeing each other, they were delighted and excited, opening with the booming laughter unique to soldiers, causing others to join in the laughter.

The only two not following the atmosphere were Yan Zhen and Huang Fu Wenqing.

Yan Zhen was emotionally preparing for the upcoming divorce.

The “Waste Repudiation Flow” – being a waste and getting divorced were key points he couldn’t neglect.

After the divorce, he could open the mysterious crystal, be taken as the beautiful senior’s disciple, and under her guidance, rise step-by-step until reaching the peak. Just thinking about it made him a bit excited~

—Hurry up and get divorced, be more straightforward!

Yan Zhen stared unblinkingly at Huang Fu Wenqing, his gaze as piercing as a ferocious rabbit.

Huang Fu Wenqing sat quietly beside Huang Fu Xiong, elegantly sipping her tea cup. Although appearing to listen to the elders’ pleasantries, her gaze would occasionally glance towards Yan Zhen.

Each time she glanced over, she’d meet Yan Zhen’s intense stare, making her heart thump heavily.

“Why…why is he staring at me? Could it be that I was exposed when sneaking in last night? Or does he realize that I’m a reincarnator?”

It shouldn’t be possible, right? Even my mentor didn’t notice.

Huang Fu Wenqing’s feelings were somewhat subtle. Since Yan Zhen was staring at her, she couldn’t sneak glances at him anymore.

She desperately wanted to look at Yan Zhen’s face to confirm this wasn’t just a dream.

In her previous life, she was arrogant and led her sect to forcefully call off this marriage, turning affinity into enmity which subsequently led to a series of conflicts.

That one act of cancellation did not only bury her own happiness, but also condemned her mentor to a life of loneliness.

She wronged her mentor, her grandfather, and Yan Zhen even more so.

Her immature self from the previous life only thought about disliking the arranged marriage by her family, so she wanted to cancel the wedding. Yet she never considered that Yan Zhen was also a “victim” like her, being divorced a tremendous humiliation.

Moreover, with Yan Zhen’s current cultivation regressing and being mocked, then having his former fiancée cancel their wedding, what a devastating blow it must be for him, how despairing!

It was her fault, so she had to come back to make amends.

No, not just make amends, but rewrite that tragic ending and re-paint the happiness for herself and her mentor.

With this in mind, Huang Fu Wenqing mustered her courage and looked at Yan Zhen.

Their gazes fiercely clashed midair.

Yan Zhen’s heart skipped a beat: Oh no, I’ve been discovered!

He immediately averted his gaze, looking up at the ceiling while casually whistling, putting on a nonchalant air.

Seeing him so flustered, Huang Fu Wenqing inwardly smiled and leisurely sized Yan Zhen up and down.

Though the same age, Yan Zhen looked more youthful, with a fair little face, eyes shining brilliantly, a slightly slender build yet clearly defined muscle lines as a cultivator.

It’s just a pity she couldn’t see his smile.

Huang Fu Wenqing loved seeing his confident, uninhibited smile after defeating opponents, brimming with sunshine that made others open up as well.

It was precisely that smile that instantly captured her heart…

Before she knew it, Huang Fu Wenqing was entranced, a tender smile gracing her lips.

“Ahem, Wenqing, Wenqing!”

Hearing her grandfather call out, Huang Fu Wenqing snapped back to reality, suddenly feeling self-conscious as a light blush colored her cheeks, though she quickly suppressed it.

After all, as a reincarnator, her mentality and perspective were far beyond an ordinary young lady’s.

“What is it, grandfather?”

“You were staring at Yan Lie’s grandson. Why were you gawking at the boy?”

Huang Fu Xiong spoke rather directly.

“I…I wasn’t…” Huang Fu Wenqing’s face turned completely red, yet she couldn’t help sneaking another peek at Yan Zhen’s reaction, afraid he’d realize her thoughts. “Apologies, Uncle Yan Lie, Wenqing was just lost in thought.”

Yan Lie had already noticed the exchange of looks between Yan Zhen and Huang Fu Wenqing, so he now gave an “I understand” expression and laughed heartily:

“No worries, it’s normal for the young ones to dislike listening to us old folks ramble. How about this – I’ll have Zhen’er show you around the mansion? What do you say?”

Huang Fu Wenqing was just about to suggest it herself when the old master Yan helpfully did so for her. He really was a good uncle, much better than her own teasing grandfather.

The young lady’s heart swelled with joy, though her expression remained composed with a slight smile:

“Won’t that trouble Young Master Yan Zhen too much?”

“Eh, what trouble? We’re all one family here.” Yan Lie spoke forthrightly. “Zhen’er, take this Wenqing girl to stroll around the mansion and get some fresh air, maybe grab a bite too. Go on now.”

The addressed Yan Zhen looked a bit dazed.

Wasn’t there supposed to be a divorce?

He had been sitting here listening to the two oldsters ramble on, not a single word about the wedding, and then suddenly he’s told to take Huang Fu Wenqing for a walk, with the implication of “you two cultivate your feelings” kind of tone.

This…this isn’t right, is it?

Huang Fu Wenqing should be unwilling too.

Yan Zhen glanced towards his former fiancée and saw no signs of refusal on her face, even some anticipation in her eyes. A bad premonition arose in his heart.

No no no, she probably just wants to go out for some fresh air since it’s boring in here, that’s all.

“Zhen’er? Why are you spacing out? Go on now!”

Hearing his grandfather urge him, Yan Zhen couldn’t neglect it any longer. He stood up and said, “Then…let’s go, Miss Wenqing.”

“What ‘Miss Wenqing’? Call her Sister Wenqing!” Huang Fu Xiong corrected. “My Wenqing girl was born a whole teapot’s time earlier than you.”

Yan Zhen was utterly perplexed. What was there to correct? Didn’t Huang Fu Wenqing also call him “Young Master Yan Zhen”?

“Grandfather, don’t be like that.” After a light chiding, Huang Fu Wenqing smiled sweetly at Yan Zhen. “Please lead the way, Young Master Yan Zhen.”

“Off you two go, have a nice chat and bond a bit since you’ll be husband and wife soon enough. Hahaha!”

“Hahaha, well said!”

The two elders laughed uproariously.

Huang Fu Wenqing lowered her head slightly, her cheeks showing a shy blush.

Only Yan Zhen was filled with confusion and vexation.

Whatever happened to the promised divorce? He didn’t hear a single word about it. Instead, they made it sound like he and Huang Fu Wenqing were about to get married. What kind of development was this?

Could it be that Huang Fu Wenqing wanted to be alone with him to clearly explain the differences between them, and have a peaceful divorce to avoid unpleasantries between the two families?

Hmm, very likely. As the esteemed daughter of a major clan, emphasizing decorum was normal. Coming here to forcefully divorce would seem too petty.

—Rubbish script! Just randomly written all over the place! Making it so hard for me to act!

With this thought, Yan Zhen’s mind cleared, and in a cheerful mood, he led Huang Fu Wenqing out of the main hall.

“The lord’s mansion is mainly divided into five areas. If there’s anything worth seeing, it would be the rear gardens…shall we go there?”

Yan Zhen politely sought his former fiancée’s opinion.

However, Huang Fu Wenqing shook her head and said indifferently:

“I want to see your room first.”

Yan Zhen: ???

They All Want to Be My Female Lead

They All Want to Be My Female Lead

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Transmigrating into a Fantasy world with no female lead, Yan Zhen becomes the tr*sh protagonist of the book. But as long as he acts out the plot well, he can overturn his fate, become stronger, and reach the pinnacle. It’s not like being a frustrated villain who gets slapped in the face, or a pitiful cannon fodder sacrificed for the plot. How hard could it be to play the protagonist? However—— His fiancée, who was supposed to break off the engagement, immediately wants to consummate their marriage; The aloof female sect master personally guides him as soon as she appears; The wealthy white lotus beauty with maxed out charm ability directly approaches him when they meet.


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