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TAWTBMFL – Chapter 20

Chapter 20 - Why Provoke Them?


20 Why Provoke Them?

[Ding! Critical Plot Triggered] [Current Plot – Chapter 8: A Small Test of Ability] [Role Requirements: Put the Villainous Playboy Beneath Your Feet] [Completion: 0%]

Here we go.

“Heh.” Ao Ge let out a cold laugh. “Young Master Yan Zhen, you can’t possibly still think you’re that former genius, do you?”

“It’s more than enough for me to deal with a pig like you.”

Yan Zhen’s expression remained unchanged. Without revealing his trump cards (First Grade) or Special Trump Card – Domineering Aura, just the ‘Mystic Body Art’ he had recently learned would suffice against 6th or 7th level Mystic Disciples.

Ao Ge fell within that realm of power. Plus, his cultivation was basically built up through external means and had been depleted by his indulgences. Defeating him would be truly simple.

However, according to the script, the plot involves Yan Zhen borrowing a sliver of the beautiful senior martial sister’s power from within the crystal dimension to publicly humble Ao Ge.

After dealing with Ao Ge, it was as if he had suffered an intelligence debuff, foolishly becoming enraged and ordering his two lackey guards to teach Yan Zhen, the young master, a lesson.

They were then thoroughly beaten by patrolling soldiers and thrown into prison, awaiting Ao Ge’s father to bail them out.

—Ao Ge was destined to be thoroughly crushed, even Jesus couldn’t save him now.

Yan Zhen’s words gradually caused Ao Ge’s expression to darken:

“Heh heh, Young Master Yan Zhen sure loves joking around. You, at the third level of Mystic Disciple, think you can handle me? Since that’s the case, this young master will have to properly seek guidance from Young Master Yan Zhen. I just hope the young master dares to accept the challenge.”

A 6th level against a 3rd level – the advantage was his. What was there to fear?

Just as Yan Zhen was about to respond, Yan Meng’er cut in first:

“Ao Ge, you’re going too far!”

Yan Meng’er stepped forward, shielding Yan Zhen behind her as anger filled her lovely face.

“Before, you’d turn tail and run at the mere sight of Cousin Yan Zhen. Now that Cousin is dealing with physical issues, you want to take advantage and humiliate him. Did you ask for my permission? If you want to fight, then fight me! If I can’t defeat you within three moves, I’ll admit defeat!”

She was an 8th level Mystic Disciple and also possessed the insight and experience of being a half-step Mystic Lord in her previous life. If she truly fought Ao Ge, a single move would suffice.

“Count me in too.” Huang Fu Wenqing also stepped in front of Yan Zhen, glancing at Ao Ge’s two lackey guards – both 6-star Mystic Ones, one level above her – but showing no fear. “You can come at me together.”

Upon hearing this, Ao Ge’s two guards, concerned for their young master’s safety, immediately stepped forward in a threatening manner.

Ao Ge smiled faintly, speaking in an unhurried tone:

“So you’ll just keep hiding behind women, Young Master Yan Zhen?”

Er, well, in the original script he had encountered Ao Ge alone while out buying medicinal ingredients, without Yan Meng’er and Huang Fu Wenqing accompanying him.

Yan Zhen felt rather conflicted.

Naturally, he was glad to have people getting angry and standing up for him, regardless of gender.

However, this meant he could no longer follow the scripted plot.

“Being able to hide behind women is a skill in itself. But you, Pig Ao Ge, don’t require me to use that skill yet…Meng’er, Wenqing, step aside. Let me handle this.”

“Cousin, no!”

“Yan Zhen, don’t be provoked by him.”

The two ladies urgently tried to dissuade him.

They knew that after this, Yan Zhen would rapidly rise in power, surpassing everyone. But that time was not now.

The gap between the third and sixth levels was still quite significant. They didn’t believe Yan Zhen could win, and even if he could, it wouldn’t be an easy victory.

How could they just stand idly by and watch Yan Zhen get hurt?

Seeing the concerned looks on the ladies’ faces only made Ao Ge more jealous of Yan Zhen. Such beauties should be enjoying his company instead. How did a mere third-level waste deserve this kind of attention?

“Ladies, it’s best you don’t intervene in a duel between men. Otherwise, if you’re accidentally hurt, it would tarnish this young master’s reputation of cherishing beauties.”

“Shut up, you dare lay a finger on Cousin Yan Zhen?”


“Having declined a friendly drink, I can only be more unrestrained then. You two, restrain them. This young master wishes to spar one-on-one with Young Master Yan Zhen.”

The two lackey guards received the order and moved to surround Huang Fu Wenqing and Yan Meng’er, one on each side.

However, before they could act, Huang Fu Wenqing had already drawn her sword from her artifact ring, unhesitatingly thrusting it forward.

—She was angered. These irrelevant fools were wasting time from her date with Yan Zhen, an unforgivable crime!

Her sword split into two streaks of sword shadows imbued with piercing wind-attribute mystic power, striking the shoulders of the two guards with merciless precision.

The ‘Splitting Light Fragmentary Sword’ technique. At minimum it created two sword shadows, qualifying as a mystic technique. At maximum, it could unleash three thousand raining sword streaks, becoming a… supreme mystic technique!


Two spurts of blood erupted as the lackeys cried out in pain, stumbling backwards uncontrollably with one arm now rendered useless. They gazed at the breathtakingly beautiful girl in terror.

Too fast – all they saw were two black flashes before being struck. Yet she was only a five-star Mystic One!

This could only mean one thing: the mystic arts and techniques she cultivated were far beyond their levels!

Huang Fu Wenqing flicked her sword, splattering the blood from its tip onto the ground.


Ao Ge’s eyes bulged. His two six-star Mystic One guards, painstakingly acquired from his father, had just been instantly defeated by this unknown young lady upon first encounter?

At that moment, Yan Meng’er also attacked, unleashing a palm strike aimed squarely at Ao Ge.

The ‘Great Blazing Palm’ mystic technique – an enhanced version of the ‘Blazing Palm’ nearing the level of an earth-mystic technique.

Scorching force rushed towards Ao Ge’s face. Panicking, he could only hastily activate the first-grade defensive mystic artifact ‘Heart’s Mirror’ on his chest.

The palm strike slammed into Ao Ge’s chest, its blazing power effortlessly shattered the ‘Heart’s Mirror’ radiance. The residual force penetrated through, jolting Ao Ge’s chest and leaving him gasping for air as his rotund body was blasted away, kicking up a cloud of dust.


The two guards wailed, as Ao Ge had crashed right into them.

After defeating Ao Ge with a single palm, Yan Meng’er retracted her hand and coldly snorted in disdain.

Cushioned by his guards, Ao Ge avoided serious injury. He quickly regained his breath and clambered back up.

The ‘Heart’s Mirror’ had shattered, leaving his chest badly bruised and making him wince with each pained breath.

Looking up, Yan Meng’er and Huang Fu Wenqing stared down at him with icy expressions.

A powerful sense of dread welled up within Ao Ge’s heart.

“You… you… what do you want? My father is the head of the Ao Family, a nine-star Mystic Master! If you dare kill me, he won’t let you off!”

The two ladies narrowed their eyes, immediately causing Ao Ge to cower.

“Spare me, noble ladies! This young master was wrong! Don’t kill me, please don’t kill me!”

Ignoring him, they turned towards Yan Zhen behind them.

“Cousin Yan Zhen, how would you like to deal with him?”

“Why not just finish him off? A profligate wretch like this can’t be reformed. We need to make an example to ensure they learn their lesson.”

Yan Zhen blinked, feeling rather dazed.

Wasn’t this supposed to be his protagonist’s debut scene of arrogantly crushing the villain? Yet before he could act, Ao Ge was already kneeling and begging for mercy!

Yan Meng’er and Huang Fu Wenqing had taken action, arrogantly putting Ao Ge in his place, while Yan Zhen himself did nothing!

That dumb Ao Ge, why provoke them?

He had already agreed to fight one-on-one, but that Pig Ao Ge still attacked Yan Meng’er and Huang Fu Wenqing. Was he brain-damaged?

Now look at the mess – Ao Ge had been beaten senseless and Yan Zhen lost his scripted debut scene.

Yan Zhen: *%#@!

They All Want to Be My Female Lead

They All Want to Be My Female Lead

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Transmigrating into a Fantasy world with no female lead, Yan Zhen becomes the tr*sh protagonist of the book. But as long as he acts out the plot well, he can overturn his fate, become stronger, and reach the pinnacle. It’s not like being a frustrated villain who gets slapped in the face, or a pitiful cannon fodder sacrificed for the plot. How hard could it be to play the protagonist? However—— His fiancée, who was supposed to break off the engagement, immediately wants to consummate their marriage; The aloof female sect master personally guides him as soon as she appears; The wealthy white lotus beauty with maxed out charm ability directly approaches him when they meet.


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