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They All Want to Be My Female Lead – 23

Chapter 23: Zhen'er, my dear Zhen'er~

Chapter 23: Zhen’er, my dear Zhen’er~

When Yan Zhen regained his senses, all his mystic gates had been opened, and he felt an incredible sense of permeation throughout his body.

With the mystic gates opened, the efficiency of absorbing heavenly and earthly energies would vastly improve, and his cultivation speed would be incomparable to ordinary means.

One could even say he was on the verge of a breakthrough.

—Skipping through that was so civilized~

“Zhen’er, how do you feel?”

Yan Zhen looked at the beautiful senior-apprenticed sister before him, flexing his muscles excitedly.

“I feel great!”

“Not bad. I didn’t expect you to endure the pain without making a sound throughout the whole process.” Chen Xi was very satisfied with Yan Zhen’s performance, recalling how difficult it had been for him to endure in his previous life. “Alright, come out and get dressed.”

Upon her words, Yan Zhen finally noticed that the medicinal brew in the tub had reverted from blue-green back to transparency, allowing him to see the underwater view.

He swiftly covered little Yan Zhen, his handsome face flushing red as he hurriedly glanced at the beautiful senior-apprenticed sister’s reaction.

Chen Xi impassively averted her gaze, as if she had never stolen a glimpse.

Only then did Yan Zhen breathe a sigh of relief, thinking that in the beautiful senior-apprenticed sister’s eyes, he was just a child, devoid of any sexual interest. Even if he bared his butt in front of her, there was no need to feel embarrassed.

With this in mind, Yan Zhen stood up from the water without reservation, stepping over to the other side of the bathtub.

The tub’s height reached his buttocks, conveniently blocking his lower body from view.

Turning his back to the beautiful senior-apprenticed sister, he dried himself off and changed into clean clothes.

After completing these tasks, Yan Zhen put away the bathtub and turned back around, cupping his fists in salute.

“Thank you, Master, for helping me open my mystic gates.”

Chen Xi gazed at him with gentle eyes:

“Opening the mystic gates is only the beginning. You will need to put in much more effort for subsequent cultivation. Although your talents are exceptional, Zhen’er, due to my circumstances, you have a three-year gap in your cultivation, causing your attainments to lag far behind your peers. To make up for this, you must find an alternative path.”

“Does Master have any good methods?”

“This is it.”

With a light tap of Chen Xi’s jade finger in the air, a small formation array instantly took shape and began rotating slowly.

The strange energies drifting in this space converged, quickly forming a breathtakingly beautiful mist of mystic energy.

Yan Zhen exclaimed in surprise, “This is the ‘Mystic Gathering Formation’?”

Chen Xi smiled faintly, “Correct. At your current level, you cannot yet consume pellets, or else the medicinal power may not be fully refined, leaving hidden dangers. Only a formation is most suitable. The Mystic Gathering Formation can gather and refine the surrounding heavenly and earthly energies. Cultivating within it can greatly enhance your cultivation speed.”

Yan Zhen’s eyes sparkled like a child receiving a new toy.

“We’ll cultivate right here?”

Chen Xi shook her head slightly. “The energies within the Fire-Refining Starry Sky are too pure. At your Mystic Disciple level, you simply cannot absorb them. You should find a secluded place in the outside world, and I will set up the Mystic Gathering Formation there, creating a small cultivation paradise for you.”

“Yes, Master!”

“Don’t rush. You’re tired today as well. Rest up properly, we can begin again tomorrow.”

“Th-Then I’ll take my leave?”

“Go ahead.”

Just as Yan Zhen was about to channel his mystic force into the “Star-Shifting Fire Seal” on his palm, the beautiful senior-apprenticed sister called out to stop him.

“Wait, Zhen’er.”

“What is it?”

Chen Xi looked directly at Yan Zhen’s face, hesitating briefly before reaching out to caress his head.

Stroke after stroke, as if caressing a priceless treasure.

Yan Zhen was taken aback, unsure of her intentions, but obediently lowered his head to allow her caresses.

This obedient demeanor struck Chen Xi’s heart like an arrow, shattering all her defenses. A powerful urge welled up from deep within to embrace him tightly and shower him with affection.

To have him nestle against her bosom, nuzzling adoringly as they felt each other’s warmth.


—No, no, this is only our second meeting. We’re not familiar enough yet. It might scare him and ruin her image as a master!

Mustering great willpower, Chen Xi suppressed the impulse and reluctantly withdrew her jade hand.

“This is your reward for today. Alright, go on now.”

—If he didn’t leave soon, she wouldn’t be able to hold back!

Yan Zhen blinked, letting out an “Oh,” before activating the fire seal to depart.

Seeing him leave, Chen Xi waved her wide sleeve, condensing a mystic light mirror.

The mirror replayed the entire process of Yan Zhen stripping and entering the water.

Gazing at the mirror’s Yan Zhen, the corners of Chen Xi’s lips curved upwards, her face taking on an almost manic smile.

“Zhen’er, my dear Zhen’er, huhuhuhuh…”

Yan Zhen remained unaware of his master’s current state. Back in his room, confirming the crystal sphere still hung from his neck, he got off the bed and stretched his body, feeling utterly relaxed.

After taking a sip of tea to moisten his throat, he noticed it had already turned dark outside. It seemed opening his mystic gates had taken quite a long time, though Yan Zhen hadn’t felt it since he skipped that part of the plot.

Looks like he could only find a place to cultivate tomorrow.

“Young Lord!”

A servant called out from outside the door, saying it was time for him to go to the dining hall.

In the dining hall, the elders led by Yan Lie and Huangfu Xiong were already seated in a circle. Huangfu Wenqing sat beside Huangfu Xiong, with an empty seat next to her, followed by Yan Meng’er.

Upon seeing Yan Zhen, Yan Lie immediately beckoned him to sit down and instructed the servants to serve the dishes.

This time, the two women behaved themselves without trying to feed him.

During the meal, they mentioned that the Huangfu clan would be leaving in the morning, so this was a farewell dinner.

After the meal, Yan Lie and Huangfu Xiong dismissed the others, leaving only Huangfu Wenqing and Yan Zhen.

Huangfu Xiong got straight to the point: “Lad, your grandfather must have told you about the marriage agreement between you and my girl Wenqing, right?”

Seeing Yan Zhen nod, the old general continued: “So what’s your answer? Do you agree or not? No need to hold back, this old man wants to hear your true thoughts.”

Beside him, Huangfu Wenqing stared intently at Yan Zhen, her eyes filled with unease.

She had only just learned about her master allowing Yan Zhen to marry into Cloud Heaven Palace, feeling utterly bewildered, as it didn’t sound like something her master would say. It was actually an excuse she had used in her previous life to convince her master to bring people and call off the marriage.

Her master had never interfered with her private matters before!

Could her rebirth have caused some changes?

For most men, marrying into the wife’s family was very difficult to accept, especially when Yan Zhen was currently in a low point. This felt like she was taking advantage of his plight to force him into marrying in, a huge blow to his self-esteem.

She hoped he wouldn’t get angry.

After all, she had already formed a master-servant contract with him, becoming his slave.

Yan Zhen felt a bit troubled, as this scene wasn’t in the original script at all, requiring him to improvise.

After some consideration, he replied: “Grandpa Huangfu, to be honest, I’m not too keen on marrying into your family, but I’m not completely against it either. After all, in my current state, it may not be appropriate for Wenqing to marry into my family.”

—Why wouldn’t it be appropriate? It would be more than appropriate!

Huangfu Wenqing really wanted to say this, a hint of resentful longing flashing in her beautiful eyes.

Yan Zhen did not notice her expression as he continued: “However, I don’t want to just give in and become Cloud Heaven Palace’s live-in son-in-law without doing anything. Here’s what I suggest – let’s make a bet or an agreement.”

Huangfu Xiong’s brow furrowed slightly as he stroked his beard. “What kind of agreement?”


They All Want to Be My Female Lead

They All Want to Be My Female Lead

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Transmigrating into a Fantasy world with no female lead, Yan Zhen becomes the tr*sh protagonist of the book. But as long as he acts out the plot well, he can overturn his fate, become stronger, and reach the pinnacle. It’s not like being a frustrated villain who gets slapped in the face, or a pitiful cannon fodder sacrificed for the plot. How hard could it be to play the protagonist? However—— His fiancée, who was supposed to break off the engagement, immediately wants to consummate their marriage; The aloof female sect master personally guides him as soon as she appears; The wealthy white lotus beauty with maxed out charm ability directly approaches him when they meet.


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What a great master, filming the entire process to check if everything went well. 😌👍


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