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They All Want to Be My Female Lead – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Delicious Jujube Cakes

Chapter 25: Delicious Jujube Cakes

“You’ve already recovered?”

Huangfu Wenqing was very surprised, as this timing precisely matched when she had called off her engagement in her previous life.

“You’re not tricking me, are you?”

“No tricks, I’ve really recovered. I’ll be able to cultivate again soon,” Yan Zhen said confidently. “If you don’t cultivate seriously, maybe in less than two years I can catch up to you.”

Huangfu Wenqing naturally knew he could catch up, not just catch up but surpass her, making her taste complete defeat for the first time.

But she later also learned how much bitterness he had endured during those two years.

“Congratulations Yan Zhen, this is perfect timing for us to go cultivate at Cloud Heaven Palace together. With your talent, which should be even higher than mine, you’ll definitely be taken as a disciple by the Sect Master or other Palace Masters and receive the best guidance.”

“No, I’ve already taken a master. I’ll cultivate following my master, so I can’t go to Cloud Heaven Palace. My apologies.”

Yan Zhen could never go to Cloud Heaven Palace, or the storyline would deviate too extremely to ever get back on track.

“I see, since you’ve already taken a master, there’s nothing to be done.”

Huangfu Wenqing felt a bit disappointed, wondering if it was that senior Mystic Saint later on.

She knew Yan Zhen had a deeply caring master, even meeting her once, but wasn’t clear on exactly when Yan Zhen took her as a master.

That senior Mystic Saint was also an extraordinarily beautiful woman, not inferior to her own master…thinking of this, Huangfu Wenqing felt a twinge of jealousy.

“Was it your master who helped cure your physical ailment?”

“You could say that,” Yan Zhen smiled, thinking that his boundary deviation was actually that beautiful master’s doing. “I haven’t told anyone else about this yet, I hope you can keep it a secret for me.”

“Not even Yan Meng’er knows?”


“So it’s just our secret?” Huangfu Wenqing felt delighted, quickly promising, “I’ll keep my lips tightly sealed!”

“Thank you. Would you like some snacks? I grabbed some on the way out.”

Yan Zhen took out a bag of honey jujube cakes from his storage ring pouch and offered it to Huangfu Wenqing, who blinked her eyes curiously.

“When did you grab these? I didn’t notice at all.”

“Don’t worry about the details.” Yan Zhen popped one into his mouth and started eating. “Very sweet and chewy, quite delicious. Want to try some?”

“Then you’ll have to feed me.”

Huangfu Wenqing tilted her head back slightly, opening her sandalwood mouth and looking up at Yan Zhen.

Such an expression somehow gave off a bewitching vibe.

Yan Zhen suddenly recalled how a few days ago she had also hugged his leg and made a similar gesture, nearly causing him to lose control.

Has this girl’s persona completely crumbled? Turning into a girl who unconsciously acts coquettish?

—Damn it, even if her persona crumbles, the main character’s persona can’t crumble too.

Yan Zhen pinched a honey jujube cake and shoved it into Huangfu Wenqing’s mouth without looking, accidentally pushing his fingers in too.

Just as he was about to withdraw his hand, she bit down on it lightly, giving it a gentle suck.


The wet, slippery sensation made his fingers tingle with numbness like an electric shock. Yan Zhen quickly pulled his hand back, pretending nothing had happened.

Huangfu Wenqing also acted as if nothing occurred, licking her lips after eating the cake and remarking that it was indeed quite good – though it wasn’t clear if she meant the cake or something else.

“May I have another one?”

—Of course, on the condition that you get it yourself instead of putting on that expression waiting to be fed!

Gritting his teeth, Yan Zhen fed her another cake, being very careful not to give Huangfu Wenqing a chance to bite his fingers this time.

Huangfu Wenqing felt a tinge of regret. After eating that one, she didn’t want any more, about to say “Let me feed you this time,” when she saw Yan Zhen quickly stash away the remaining cakes.

—Precise prediction!

“…Stingy,” the girl muttered, but quickly spotted another opportunity, saying, “Yan Zhen, you have some cake crumbs at the corner of your mouth. Let me wipe it clean for you.”

“No need, I can do it myself.”

Yan Zhen dismissed it, about to casually wipe it with his sleeve when—

Smack! His hand was slapped down before it could move, Huangfu Wenqing restraining it.

His other hand was also pulled by her.

Both hands controlled.

Huangfu Wenqing smiled sweetly, “Let me wipe it for you.”

A bead of cold sweat formed on Yan Zhen’s brow.

“Well…I suppose that’s fine, but you can’t really wipe it like this, right? Why don’t you let go of my hands first?”

Before he could finish speaking, Huangfu Wenqing’s face suddenly moved in close, her pink tongue softly grazing across his lips and leaving a moist trail.

“There, all clean now.”


“Ah, still not clean enough, one more time.”


“I can taste a hint of sweetness, the honey jujube cakes are really delicious.”


“Tomorrow we’ll be separating, who knows when we’ll see each other again. One more time isn’t too much to ask, is it?”


When their lips parted, Yan Zhen’s head was already spinning feverishly. Seeing the now satisfied Huangfu Wenqing straddling his lap, arms looped around his neck, he could barely hold it together anymore.

Or maybe he was holding it together pretty well.

Huangfu Wenqing leaned against Yan Zhen’s shoulder, her cheek gently nuzzling his neck as she murmured to herself:

“Yan Zhen, I’ll be waiting for you. This time, I won’t lose again. For my master and for myself, I have to defeat you.”

Neither of them noticed the pair of pink eyes glaring intently at them from the bushes in the darkness, the pupils constricted to lemon slits.

Damn that vile Huangfu Wenqing, shamelessly sneaking around using her status as his fiance. She hadn’t even gotten to kiss his cheek before, at most giving it a light peck.

Wasn’t that wicked woman supposed to show up to call off the engagement? Why has she become like this instead? Not only imitating her by becoming a slave to her cousin, but now kissing him too.

Could it be that Huangfu Wenqing has also been reborn like her?

It was a possibility.

Seeing their intimate poses, Yan Meng’er bit down hard on her handkerchief, ripping it apart.

—I’m so jealous!

The next morning, the Huangfu family departed.

Before leaving, Huangfu Xiong gave Yan Zhen a parting gift – a protective jade talisman.

It contained the power of a Mystic King, able to withstand an all-out strike from a one-star Mystic King or below.

“Kid, this old man doesn’t know what you’re trying to do. But since you haven’t given up, then work hard. If you can truly defeat Wenqing in two years, this old man will look upon you with new eyes.”

“Thank you, Grandfather Huangfu.”

“What Grandfather Huangfu? Just call me Grandpa!”

“Er…thank you, Grandpa.”


Thus, Huangfu Xiong left feeling very satisfied.

Huangfu Wenqing also waved at him, turning back every few steps as she departed.

In the crowd, Yan Meng’er was enthusiastically waving too, thinking that vile woman had finally left.

It’s all that wicked woman’s fault for interfering, preventing her from getting close to her cousin brother these past couple days.

Now that the wicked woman is gone, she can try again!

“Cousin brother~ Meng’er has cooked a pot of red bean soup. Would you like to come over and drink some later?”

—Cousin brother really enjoys red bean soup, let me start by capturing his stomach!

However, Yan Zhen refused:

“Sorry, Meng’er, I have something to attend to. I’ll have the soup later tonight.”

After saying that, Yan Zhen hurried off, leaving Yan Meng’er crying in her spot.

—Cousin brother…Meng’er won’t give up!

They All Want to Be My Female Lead

They All Want to Be My Female Lead

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Transmigrating into a Fantasy world with no female lead, Yan Zhen becomes the tr*sh protagonist of the book. But as long as he acts out the plot well, he can overturn his fate, become stronger, and reach the pinnacle. It’s not like being a frustrated villain who gets slapped in the face, or a pitiful cannon fodder sacrificed for the plot. How hard could it be to play the protagonist? However—— His fiancée, who was supposed to break off the engagement, immediately wants to consummate their marriage; The aloof female sect master personally guides him as soon as she appears; The wealthy white lotus beauty with maxed out charm ability directly approaches him when they meet.


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She tricky huh, in the good sense of course.
And now the cultivation starts.👍


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