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TAWTBM – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - Another Slave Girl Joins


13 Another Slave Girl Joins

Looking at his breathtaking fiancée so close by, Yan Zhen was at a loss for what to do.

Yan Meng’Er voluntarily put on a collar to become his slave, so he could be a little unrestrained with her. He had gradually become accustomed to it through these past few days together.

But Huangfu Wenqing was different. She was the young miss of the prestigious Huangfu family and held the title of Princess. Plus, they weren’t that familiar yet. How could he really take advantage of her?

If Huangfu Xiong found out…well, that old master did seem to encourage them getting intimate.

In any case, he had to get out of this predicament first.

One Yan Meng’Er was already almost more than he could handle. Adding Huangfu Wenqing might truly turn him into a beast!

“Yan Zhen.”

Huangfu Wenqing’s cheeks were flushed, her moist eyes urging him on. Putting on such a pose resembling solicitation was extremely embarrassing for her, a pure maiden in this life and her previous one.

“Um, why don’t we just forget about it? We should properly cultivate our feelings first before engaging in such intimate little games.”

However, hearing this, Huangfu Wenqing immediately felt aggrieved:

“So you’re saying your relationship with Yan Meng’Er is better? But not with me? Is that what you mean?”

Ah this…

“Of course.” Yan Meng’Er pulled Yan Zhen’s finger from her mouth and interjected: “Meng’Er and Cousin Yan Zhen have over a decade of feelings. How can you, a mere official fiancée who has only met him a few times, compare? Moreover, Meng’Er is now Cousin Yan Zhen’s devoted slave, this intimate little game is reserved for a master and servant. You have no part in this – right, Cousin?”

Although Yan Meng’Er’s words were a bit suggestive, Yan Zhen could only nod along, hoping Huangfu Wenqing would give up so this mess of a call-off-the-wedding plot wouldn’t get even more derailed.

If it got any worse, he might just quit the act entirely!

Facing Yan Meng’Er’s taunts, Huangfu Wenqing grit her teeth, suppressing the urge to strike out as she said, half defiantly, half seriously:

“So what if she’s a slave? Then I’ll become Yan Zhen’s slave too, since I’ll be serving him after marrying him anyway!”

Nani?(1) Yan Zhen was stunned, never expecting Huangfu Wenqing to go that far.

Wasn’t she supposed to be the proud genius young miss? Was her character being completely shattered? Or was there an issue with the script?

“You? Heh.” Yan Meng’Er scoffed derisively, pointing to the exquisite petite pink collar around her neck proudly. “See this? This is proof of Meng’Er’s connection to Cousin Yan Zhen. Meng’Er can obey any of Cousin Yan Zhen’s orders unconditionally. You? Heheh.”

Wow, so scornful, dear cousin~ Yan Zhen silently gave her a thumbs up. Surely Huangfu Wenqing would back down now?

Huangfu Wenqing simply glanced at the collar and laughed coldly:

“It’s just a third-grade Mystic artifact, flimsy trash that shatters at a touch. What’s there to be proud of?”

From her previous life’s perspective, a third-grade Mystic artifact was indeed garbage.

“Do you have one?” Yan Ment’Er remained unfazed. “Those who can’t get the grapes say they’re sour~”

“Hmph, watch this.”

As Huangfu Wenqing spoke, the storage ring on her finger flickered and a small vial filled with a pinkish glowing liquid appeared in her palm.

“What’s that?”

Seeing this object, Yan Meng’Er felt a sense of recognition.

Huangfu Wenqing raised her chin slightly and opened the vial’s stopper with one hand.

“Yan Zhen, let me have a drop of your blood.”

Without waiting, she pried Yan Zhen’s arm away from embracing Yan Ment’Er. Her spiritual energy sliced across his fingertip like a blade, drawing a drop of blood that dripped into the vial.

The pinkish glowing liquid inside began to simmer, emitting pink smoke with a sweet fragrance.

Huangfu Wenqing took a deep breath and then downed the entire vial of liquid in one gulp.


As soon as she finished drinking it, Huangfu Wenqing showed signs of change. She hugged herself lightly trembling, tightly squeezing her legs together as if suppressing something with great effort.

Soon, Yan Zhen and Yan Meng’Er could clearly see a pinkish glow shining through her dress around her lower abdomen area.

Finally, Yan Ment’Er recalled in utter shock:

“Could that be ‘Demonic Blood of Lust’? You actually have such a thing!”

Yan Zhen didn’t know what this “Demonic Blood of Lust” was, but just hearing it contained the word “demonic” meant it couldn’t be good. Just what was Huangfu Wenqing trying to do?

He got his answer the very next moment.

Huangfu Wenqing’s face flushed red as she slightly lifted the hem of her dress, exposing her smooth, flat lower abdomen.

On her originally flawless belly was now a pinkish heart-shaped emblem.

Oh shit!

Yan Zhen’s jaw dropped. As an LSP(2), he was all too familiar with what this meant.

Huangfu Wenqing licked her lips. Her pupil seemed to take on a vague heart shape, the coquettishness in her eyes almost overflowing.

“Like this, I’m also your slave now, Yan Zhen.”

Her voice was meek and soft.

Huangfu Wenqing had never shown such a bashful, adorable side before.

Hearing her say that, Yan Zhen had a vague sense that he could control her. Following that feeling, he entertained a strange thought.


Huangfu Wenqing let out a coy moan. The pinkish demonic emblem on her abdomen glowed faintly as she seemed to lose strength, collapsing to sit on the floor before falling forward onto Yan Zhen’s lap. She panted lightly, then looked up at him with grievance in her eyes.


Yan Zhen froze. Had he taken it too far?

Not just Yan Zhen, even Yan Meng’Er was stunned.

Using the Demonic Blood of Lust as a medium to forge a blood pact between two parties, causing one to completely become the other’s slave.

This was a rare treasure used by those depraved mystic cultivators to control their spirit furnaces. Not only could it make the furnaces obey, but it allowed domination over their senses – far more potent than Yan Meng’Er’s modified third-grade collar!

Oh my lemon. (3)

Yan Meng’Er blinked, her tone softening:

“Where…where did you get such a precious thing? Get me one too.”

Finally scoring a point after being suppressed from the start, Huangfu Wenqing was in a great mood, giving an arrogant hum.

This was something she had long prepared.

Huangfu Wenqing cherished this chance at rebirth immensely. Not only did she want to change the tragic ending she and her master had met in her previous life, but she also sought to atone to Yan Zhen for the harm they had caused him.

This “Emblem of Lust” was part of that atonement.

She had originally planned to give Yan Zhen this little surprise after officially establishing their relationship. But using it preemptively worked just as well – at least now this uncouth brat couldn’t keep talking down to her!

“Yan Zhen.”


“Now I qualify, don’t I?”


Yan Zhen’s mouth twitched as he felt like slapping himself. But Huangfu Wenqing didn’t give him a chance, grabbing his hand and taking the still bleeding finger into her mouth, softly licking the small wound.

Not wanting to be outdone, Yan Meng’Er bit down on Yan Zhen’s other hand.

With one girl sitting on his lap and the other leaning against his legs, both of Yan Zhen’s hands enveloped in the fragrance of maidens.

Yet Yan Zhen felt no joy at all.

It was ruined, he had taken it too far, everything was derailed!

Look at this development, it was nothing like those free-for-all harem novels. This was straight out of an adult erotic world!

He had botched the performance!

[Ding! System Friendly Reminder: The host has successfully gotten the wedding called off. Please keep up the good work and bravely propose a two-year battle contract to your ex-fiancée.]

Suddenly, the system’s voice rang out in his mind, causing him to slowly form a questioning look on his face.



Nani(1) : “What” (Japanese Word)

LSP (2) :Pervert Protagonist

They All Want to Be My Female Lead

They All Want to Be My Female Lead

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Transmigrating into a Fantasy world with no female lead, Yan Zhen becomes the tr*sh protagonist of the book. But as long as he acts out the plot well, he can overturn his fate, become stronger, and reach the pinnacle. It’s not like being a frustrated villain who gets slapped in the face, or a pitiful cannon fodder sacrificed for the plot. How hard could it be to play the protagonist? However—— His fiancée, who was supposed to break off the engagement, immediately wants to consummate their marriage; The aloof female sect master personally guides him as soon as she appears; The wealthy white lotus beauty with maxed out charm ability directly approaches him when they meet.


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What the hell!? How did he break off the engagement!? It’s more like he got shackled to her forever!


master / slave relationship is different than spousal from marriage, so technically the marriage was “called off”


I mean, i guess he technically did break off the engagement since she became his slave instead. ┐(゚~゚)┌


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