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TAWTBM – Chapter 14

Chapter 14 - Called Off, but Not Completely

14 Called Off, but Not Completely

Yan Zhen suspected the system might be malfunctioning.

He had gotten a bit carried away, turning the protagonist who was supposed to be unmoved by beauty into a deviant young master embracing girls and toying with their innocence. Not only did he fail to get the wedding called off, but things developed in a strange direction, completely botching the performance. Yet the system suddenly claimed he had succeeded in getting the wedding called off?

The key figure Huangfu Wenqing hadn’t even uttered half the word “call off”. How could it be called off?

The system interface showing 50% plot completion indicated he had indeed succeeded in getting the wedding called off, with the remaining 50% being to propose a “two-year battle agreement” to Huangfu Wenqing.

The two-year battle agreement, an arrangement for the two to fight again after two years – one to redeem their humiliation, the other for marital freedom – could be considered the climax of the early-to-mid story, the crux of the matter.

But Yan Zhen still didn’t understand why the wedding was considered called off. How could he propose the two-year agreement?

Surely it couldn’t be considered a successful call-off just because Huangfu Wenqing had become his slave?

Would she even agree to a two-year agreement now?

Yan Zhen felt dizzy, like he needed to sort this out carefully.

Coming back to his senses, Yan Meng’Er and Huangfu Wenqing had already released his fingers from their mouths, only extending their tongues to lick away the saliva, sending tingles through Yan Zhen. He hastily withdrew his hands.

The two breathtakingly beautiful maidens looked at Yan Zhen with dazed expressions, like children whose toys had been snatched away, seeming to ask “No more intimate games?”

Truth be told, Yan Zhen did want to continue, but if they went further, they might end up going all the way.

That would be no good.

Though they claimed to be his slaves now, he didn’t dare actually touch either of them unless he could ensure it wouldn’t impact the subsequent plot – and this didn’t fit his protagonist persona anyway.

“Uh, it’s almost mealtime, let’s head to the main hall.”

“Meng’Er obeys Cousin’s words~”

Although Yan Meng’Er still wanted to continue their intimacy, she remained very obedient to Yan Zhen’s words.

Previously she always liked acting spoiled with Yan Zhen, demanding this and that. But after putting on the slave collar, she realized being ordered by Yan Zhen brought her even more joy – like opening a new door.

Yan Zhen turned to Huangfu Wenqing:

“Wenqing, you too?”

“…You’re the master, your words are law.”

Huangfu Wenqing had regained her composure after the earlier impulse.

She didn’t regret becoming Yan Zhen’s slave, but had planned to do so after their feelings warmed and they formally united. Now, due to Yan Meng’Er’s provocation, their relationship had taken this turn prematurely. Even for someone as worldly as Huangfu Wenqing across two lifetimes, she felt some awkwardness and couldn’t bring herself to look Yan Zhen in the eye for now.

Yan Zhen also felt awkward since his body was in quite an aroused state – to put it bluntly, he had pitched a tent.

He hoped the two ladies wouldn’t notice his condition in their relative innocence.

Little did he know, the two girls had noticed when they were on his lap and by his feet. Seeing his gradual rising, they secretly giggled inwardly.

–It seems I’m not without appeal to Yan Zhen (Cousin) either~

The three left the room and separate courtyard, returning to the main hall.


In the main hall, Yan Lie and Huangfu Xiong were still chatting merrily, but Yan Zhen felt the atmosphere was somewhat different from when they had left.

Seeing Yan Zhen return with Huangfu Wenqing, Yan Lie and Huangfu Xiong both paused, the two elders keenly noticing that Huangfu Wenqing was now standing noticeably closer to Yan Zhen.

–Ah, what a good lad, not bad at all.

–As expected of my grandson Yan Zhen!

The two elders exchanged a look of tacit understanding, both assuming Yan Zhen had worked hard to win Huangfu Wenqing’s heart and silently praising him.

As for Yan Meng’Er, they paid her no mind – Yan Lie knew she liked clinging to Yan Zhen, while Huangfu Xiong just saw her as Yan Zhen’s sister.

“You’re back!” Yan Lie stroked his beard with a chuckle. “Perfect timing, it’s mealtime soon. Let’s have a welcoming feast for Brother Huangfu and Miss Wenqing.”

“Hahaha, good! I’ve been wanting to taste your Yan family’s special ‘Flaming Brew’ again. Looks like I’ll get that wish today.”

“Of course, of course, be it drinks or dishes, you’ll have your fill!”

“Splendid then!”

At the table, Huangfu Xiong and Yan Lie sat together, while Huangfu Wenqing’s seat was arranged next to Yan Zhen, with Yan Meng’Er still clinging to her cousin as usual.

“Cousin~ have some oysters, aah–“

“Uh, thanks, I can feed myself.”

“Say aah~”

Yan Meng’Er picked up a grilled oyster with her chopsticks and brought it to Yan Zhen’s mouth. With no choice, Yan Zhen opened his mouth and ate it.

Huangfu Wenqing, who had been holding back out of deference to the elders present, felt her competitive spirit reignited seeing Yan Meng’Er’s brazenness.

“Yan Zhen, this black chicken soup with wolfberries is very nourishing…want to give it a try?”

“Sure, sure, I can get it myse–ahyumm.”

Before he could finish, Huangfu Wenqing had already scooped up some soup and fed it into Yan Zhen’s mouth.

Sandwiched between the two girls, Yan Zhen felt a bit guilty, especially after the act he had put on for them earlier.

Fortunately, the elders were focused on chatting, business flattery, and toasting each other, paying them little mind.

After the meal, Yan Lie instructed servants to lead the Huangfu family members to the cleaned guest rooms for rest. He then called Yan Zhen to his study, saying he had something to discuss.

Yan Zhen told Yan Meng’Er to go ahead first before coming alone to Yan Lie’s study and asking curiously:

“Grandfather, what did you need to see me about?”

Yan Lie sat behind the desk, his expression somewhat grave.

“Naturally, it’s about your marriage agreement with Miss Wenqing.”

“What about our agreement?”

“Aiya~~~ Everything was going so well until this sudden turn of events…” Yan Lie sighed deeply, looking at his grandson with genuine concern. “Zhen’er, before I say what I’m about to, you need to mentally prepare yourself first.”

Yan Lie’s somber attitude immediately made Yan Zhen think of the marriage agreement – could it be that Old Master Huangfu wanted to call it off?

Not Huangfu Wenqing calling it off herself, but Huangfu Xiong secretly proposing it to let both families save face!

This must be it!

“Go ahead, Grandfather, I’ll be fine.”

“The situation is like this – your current marriage agreement with Miss Wenqing will likely have to be called off.”

Just as he guessed! Yan Zhen’s heart raced with excitement, but his expression showed only puzzlement:

“Why is that?”

“As you know, Miss Wenqing was accepted as the National Preceptor’s personal disciple. But it seems there’s more – the National Preceptor, as the Supreme Leader of Cloud Heaven Palace, also intends to groom Miss Wenqing as the Palace’s heir to eventually take over her position.”

“And then?”

“After hearing about your marriage agreement with Miss Wenqing, she approached Old Master Huang fu and said that as the heir of Cloud Heaven Palace, Wenqing cannot marry out. Even if taking a spouse, the husband must marry into the Palace. So she wants Old Master Huangfu to help Miss Wenqing call off this current agreement, and have you, Zhen’er, marry into Cloud Heaven Palace instead.”


Yan Zhen felt like he had been stunned stupid countless times already.

They All Want to Be My Female Lead

They All Want to Be My Female Lead

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Transmigrating into a Fantasy world with no female lead, Yan Zhen becomes the tr*sh protagonist of the book. But as long as he acts out the plot well, he can overturn his fate, become stronger, and reach the pinnacle. It’s not like being a frustrated villain who gets slapped in the face, or a pitiful cannon fodder sacrificed for the plot. How hard could it be to play the protagonist? However—— His fiancée, who was supposed to break off the engagement, immediately wants to consummate their marriage; The aloof female sect master personally guides him as soon as she appears; The wealthy white lotus beauty with maxed out charm ability directly approaches him when they meet.


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