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TAWTBM – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The Mysterious Crystal Awakens, Beautiful Master Appears

Chapter 15: The Mysterious Crystal Awakens, Beautiful Master Appears

Marrying into Cloud Heaven Palace?

This is supposed to be the abandoned husband path, not the son-in-law path! The script doesn’t have this kind of plot!

Yan Zhen muttered to himself while asking:

“Grandfather, did you agree to it?”

Yan Lie smiled bitterly: “When the National Preceptor speaks, how can we refuse? Even old man Huangfu agreed.”

Normally, if Yan Zhen were to marry into a family, it would be the Huangfu family and he’d become their son-in-law. But the National Preceptor explicitly said for him to marry into Cloud Heaven Palace, which means he won’t have much relation to the Huangfu family anymore.

This went against Huangfu Xiong’s original intention.

However, Cloud Heaven Palace intended to cultivate Huangfu Wenqing as their successor, which was an extremely fortunate matter for the Huangfu family. So he made the difficult choice.

“Zhen’er, grandfather knows you may find it hard to accept marrying into their family for now. But whether it’s for your own good or the family’s, there’s no downside to marrying into Cloud Heaven Palace. Moreover, you’ll still be marrying that Wenqing girl, that won’t change.”

Yan Zhen didn’t really care about marrying in or out, since he came from the modern era and wasn’t as conservative in his thinking.

In his view, being able to unite with someone he liked was the greatest blessing in life, whether it meant welcoming the spouse or marrying into their family could be decided based on circumstances.

However, in the script, the National Preceptor who was also the Cloud Heaven Palace’s Lord had never actively interfered with the marriage between Huangfu Wenqing and Yan Zhen. She had even advised against Huangfu Wenqing’s attempt to cancel the marriage. So why was she acting this way now…?

It seemed the script given by the defective system was inaccurate after all?

First it was Yan Meng’Er, now it’s Huangfu Wenqing’s turn.

[Host, please do not doubt the script, it is absolutely genuine and reliable.]

Sensing Yan Zhen’s doubts, the system immediately manifested to justify itself.

Yan Zhen let out a cold snort.

“I don’t believe you, unless you show me the original novel.”

[The script is identical to the original novel.]

“Then explain why Yan Meng’Er suddenly had a change of heart?”

[Ah well…]

“And also explain why Huangfu Wenqing’s character derailed and she actively kissed me?”

[Well, it’s just…since the system summoned the host, there were some subtle plot fluctuations, but the overall direction remains unchanged.]

“You say that, but when the performance doesn’t match the script, it’s hard for me as a novice actor.”

[Your acting skills have already reached a masterful level. You’ve practically brought the protagonist to life, don’t be so modest.]

“No no, I was just improvising a little bit. It can’t be considered top-notch acting.”

[No, although you just started, you already have the skills of a veteran actor – a true young acting prodigy!]

“Haha, you’re so funny, system~”

The topic was successfully diverted.


Yan Lie’s call brought Yan Zhen’s attention back to reality. He got a bit carried away by the system’s flattery and almost forgot he was still in his grandfather’s study discussing with him.

“Grandfather, don’t worry, I do feel some resistance inside, but I also understand the interests involved. I’ll marry into their family then, since Cloud Heaven Palace is a renowned protective sect, even the royal family has to give them due respect. Being favored by them is my blessing.”

“It’s good that you can think this way,” Yan Lie smiled with relief. “Those who achieve great things don’t cling to trivialities. Whether marrying in or out, as long as you become powerful yourself, you’ll be able to stand tall and live with dignity.”

Yan Zhen slightly bowed his head respectfully, “Your grandson will remember your teachings.”

After leaving Yan Lie’s study, Yan Zhen went to the back mountain and dedicated himself to fully performing the senseless rage of a jilted husband-to-be. Only then did he return to his room, lying tiredly on the bed and letting out a long sigh.

Regardless, the marriage was now cancelled and the senseless rage performed. Next, the mysterious crystal bead on his neck should awaken.

He didn’t want to be a weakling anymore. He wanted to cultivate and become strong under the guidance of the beautiful master, taking control of his own destiny!

According to the script, after Yan Zhen raged senselessly and fell asleep from exhaustion, he would converse with a mysterious woman in his dream. Upon waking up, he’d discover the abnormal state of the crystal bead, with the woman’s voice coming directly from within, guiding him to drip his blood onto it.

As the crystal bead awakened, the mysterious woman would appear before Yan Zhen. Seeing his special condition and understanding his plight, coupled with a sense of gratitude, she would accept him as her disciple!

So what he needed to do now was bathe and sleep!

Yan Zhen instructed the servants to draw a hot bath, thoroughly enjoying the bathing luxuries of a wealthy household.

After bathing, Yan Zhen changed into his sleeping robe, dried his hair, and returned to the bed, rolling up his beloved small quilt. Suppressing his excited feelings, he fell into a peaceful sleep.

Who knows how long had passed in the dim night, when a brilliant light suddenly blossomed, illuminating Yan Zhen’s handsome face.

It was the crystal pendant hanging from his neck, its entire body radiating a translucent luster like glazed pottery, shining brightly like the most brilliant star in the night sky.

Waves of invisible, distorting spatial forces radiated from it as the center, silently pulling the sleeping Yan Zhen into the crystal.

Only the mysterious crystal was left floating in midair in the room.

Ding! Key plot begins

Current Plot – Chapter 6: The Mysterious Woman in the Crystal

Performance Requirements: ①Rebuke the mysterious woman for stealing your mystical powers. ②Take the mysterious woman as your master.

Completion: 0%

Yan Zhen was awoken by the system’s prompt. When he opened his eyes, the semi-transparent pale blue system interface was almost in his face, startling him to sit upright. Then he realized his surroundings had drastically changed – he was no longer in his room.

“Where is this?”

It was a vast, spacious plaza. Towering pillars rose at the horizon in all directions, reminiscent of the five fingers Buddha used to subdue Sun Wukong, yet there were more than five.

Through the gaps between the titanic pillars, raging celestial bodies burned intensely – some small, some frighteningly massive. Despite the distance, they exuded an oppressive, scorching presence.

Yan Zhen found this place vaguely familiar, yet couldn’t quite place it, until he saw the beautiful figure seated in meditation on the altar at the plaza’s center.

A flash of enlightenment hit him – he was inside the mysterious crystal bead’s inner space, named the “Stellar Crucible”!

And the beautiful woman seated on the altar was undoubtedly his future beautiful master!

The problem was, at the beginning Yan Zhen couldn’t enter the Stellar Crucible space within the crystal. It was the beautiful master who came out to meet him.

It wasn’t until the middle of their teacher-student relationship that the beautiful master allowed him to enter.

Yet here he was inside already?

Did the plot deviate again?

Looks like the system’s flawed script can’t be relied upon after all, always dropping the ball at critical moments.

Damn it, since he’s already inside, he’ll just have to go with the flow.

Best to take her as his master quickly.

Just as Yan Zhen hesitated on how to address her, a crisp feminine voice as clear as a mountain spring resonated:

“Little one, since you’re already here, you should come over quickly.”

They All Want to Be My Female Lead

They All Want to Be My Female Lead

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Transmigrating into a Fantasy world with no female lead, Yan Zhen becomes the tr*sh protagonist of the book. But as long as he acts out the plot well, he can overturn his fate, become stronger, and reach the pinnacle. It’s not like being a frustrated villain who gets slapped in the face, or a pitiful cannon fodder sacrificed for the plot. How hard could it be to play the protagonist? However—— His fiancée, who was supposed to break off the engagement, immediately wants to consummate their marriage; The aloof female sect master personally guides him as soon as she appears; The wealthy white lotus beauty with maxed out charm ability directly approaches him when they meet.


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