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They All Want to Be My Female Lead chapter 30

  1. Secret Class?

Upon hearing his beautiful master’s words, four characters and a cover in the style of a Korean webtoon appeared in Yan Zhen’s mind:

“Secret Class”.

He quickly shook his head to dispel the strange thoughts.

But how could his beautiful master say such a thing? With her cold and aloof temperament, it shouldn’t be possible. Could it be that she intentionally said it to soothe his emotions?

Very likely.

Although his beautiful master had a cold temperament, that was towards outsiders. She was very gentle to her own people, especially to him, her disciple.

Thinking of this, Yan Zhen felt even more guilty. He had actually caused his beautiful master to worry to this extent. He was too immature.

“Master, I was wrong. I will focus on practicing.”

“That’s how it should be.”

Chen Xi nodded with satisfaction, her eyes containing a hint of doting love and a trace of mischief.

In her previous life, she clearly felt that Yan Zhen had a hint of romantic admiration for her, like a young boy who had just entered puberty looking up to a beautiful and youthful older neighbor girl.

It was just that Chen Xi was too cold and stern, so the sensible Yan Zhen quickly extinguished his little thoughts and sincerely revered her as his master, like a parent.

The two could be said to have relied on each other for a period of time.

However, Chen Xi herself slowly developed inappropriate feelings for Yan Zhen during their later interactions, mixed in with the deep affection between master and disciple, causing her, who had never experienced love, to gradually lose herself.

She had tried her best to suppress this forbidden love, but failed. On the day of his grand wedding, her love and regret erupted, tormenting her body and mind.

Fortunately, she was reborn.

Since the heavens had given her a chance to do it again, she naturally would not miss it a second time.

Become his master, then amplify his admiration for her, slowly let him get closer, and finally have him enter her embrace like a swallow returning to its nest.

She couldn’t be in a hurry. She would propose the “Dual Cultivation Teaching” after some time, so as not to scare him.

—Hehehe, Zhen’er, master’s Zhen’er, so cute when tiny, and so handsome when grown up, making master unable to resist falling for you~

Looking at Yan Zhen’s fair and handsome face, Chen Xi couldn’t suppress the palpitations in her heart. She once again circulated her hidden force and pulled him into her arms, hugging him tightly, her towering chest engulfing his little face.

“Zhen’er, you got distracted again (smirk)~”

“Wuwuwu, sorry (teary-eyed)!”


Half a month later, Yan Zhen finally grasped the soft force of the “Tai Chi Shock” through the daily painfully pleasurable sparring.

But this didn’t count as having learned the “Tai Chi Shock”.

The strength of the “Tai Chi Shock” lied in the word “shock”. After mastering the soft force, it could then be transformed into shock force, allowing for powerful counterattacks against the opponent, not just constant defense.

His cultivation had also successfully advanced to Mystic Disciple 7th stage, and his mystic power had significantly increased. However, there was still no apparent change when sparring with his beautiful master.

As for the “secret class” his beautiful master had mentioned, there was no sign of it at all. It should be just as he guessed, merely a figure of speech.

Regarding this, Yan Zhen felt a bit of regret, but also a sense of relief.

Originally, his beautiful master teaching him to cultivate the “Tai Chi Shock” instead of the “Eight Extremes Explosion” had already deviated from the script. If she also gave him a “secret class”, then this master-disciple interaction cultivation plotline would have gone completely off track.

His beautiful master was an even more crucial plot character than Huangfu Wenqing. If her character setting collapsed and the plot went astray, then Yan Zhen would also be finished.

No, it should be said that everyone would be finished together.

If they couldn’t reach the ending according to the plot trajectory, this indulgent novel world would collapse.

Currently, it was still fine. His beautiful master had said she would teach him the “Eight Extremes Explosion” later, which should be able to bring things back on track.

The third stage of sparring began, with the goal of mastering shock force.

Another half a month passed, and Yan Zhen successfully transformed soft force into shock force, capable of returning eighty percent of the opponent’s force back to them. He could be considered to have preliminarily learned this “Tai Chi Shock” with a rank as high as the general stage.

At the same time, his cultivation also advanced to Mystic Disciple 8th stage, a month earlier than scheduled in the script.

But he couldn’t control it. Even though he had been sparring with his beautiful master the whole time and hadn’t cultivated much mystic power, he still leveled up.

This made Yan Zhen very puzzled.

“Zhen’er, you take a medicinal bath every day after sparring. Your body absorbed some of the energy from the medicinal soup, so you had a breakthrough.”

After hearing his beautiful master’s explanation, Yan Zhen scratched his head, thinking that this was also possible?

Although there was no threshold from the 7th to 8th stage, him advancing so easily didn’t fit the story’s tone of “cultivation being arduous”.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the key plot point ‘Cultivating a General Mystic Technique’. You can go to the interface to claim your reward.]

“Huh? System, did you make a mistake? I didn’t cultivate the ‘Eight Extremes Explosion’. I practiced the ‘Tai Chi Shock’. I haven’t even started learning the ‘Eight Extremes Explosion’ yet.”

[Reporting back to the host, the plot requires the host to cultivate the general mystic technique taught by Master Chen Xi and defeat the opponent in the upcoming family competition. The ‘Tai Chi Shock’ is a general mystic technique.]

“What about the ‘Eight Extremes Explosion’?”

[Signature techniques are related to the protagonist’s character setting. The host must learn it.]


Yan Zhen seemed to understand.

It meant that whatever his beautiful master taught him, he would learn it, and that would complete the cultivation plot.

But the signature techniques mentioned in the script also had to be learned in order to perfect the character setting.

Some techniques closely related to the plot absolutely could not be omitted.

For example, in the mid-stage, he would obtain a secret technique not passed down by a certain force, and he would be hunted down by that force because he cultivated that secret technique.

If he didn’t learn the relevant technique, he wouldn’t be able to trigger the relevant plot.

In general, when it came to techniques, he could only learn more, not less.


Another month passed. Yan Zhen’s cultivation unsurprisingly advanced to Mystic Disciple 9th stage. The “Tai Chi Shock” also became more proficient after a month of continuous sparring. He could already go back and forth with his beautiful master when she wasn’t using mystic power, but he still occasionally fell into her arms or under her skirt.

Every time he made a mistake, his beautiful master would give him a look or tap his forehead, meaning for him not to make mischief.

Yan Zhen could only awkwardly scratch his head and give an embarrassed smile to act cute.

However, Yan Zhen could feel that the affection between him and his master had significantly warmed up during their unintentional physical contact. His beautiful master was no longer unfamiliar with him like in the beginning and became increasingly close.

Just as described in the script.

Yan Zhen also corrected his attitude, no longer being confused by white hair and G-cup breasts, wholeheartedly revering his master, perfectly playing the role of a disciple.

Since he took on the position of the protagonist, this was the best plotline he had acted out.

His beautiful master was simply great, unlike Yan Meng’er who added impromptu scenes, and unlike Huangfu Wenqing who randomly collapsed the plot…

Tomorrow was the family competition. Yan Zhen went to bed early to rest and conserve his energy.

The next day, when the morning sun rose, Yan Zhen had already finished washing up.

Walking out of the courtyard and taking a breath of fresh air, he saw Yan Meng’er coming over with a food box.

“Cousin, good morning~”

“Good morning, Meng’er.”

During these two months, Yan Zhen had been focused on cultivation and didn’t have much time to interact with Yan Meng’er. But this girl still came to deliver food to him every day, making Yan Zhen a bit touched. His attitude towards her had also improved a lot.

They All Want to Be My Female Lead

They All Want to Be My Female Lead

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Transmigrating into a Fantasy world with no female lead, Yan Zhen becomes the tr*sh protagonist of the book. But as long as he acts out the plot well, he can overturn his fate, become stronger, and reach the pinnacle. It’s not like being a frustrated villain who gets slapped in the face, or a pitiful cannon fodder sacrificed for the plot. How hard could it be to play the protagonist? However—— His fiancée, who was supposed to break off the engagement, immediately wants to consummate their marriage; The aloof female sect master personally guides him as soon as she appears; The wealthy white lotus beauty with maxed out charm ability directly approaches him when they meet.


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