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They All Want to Be My Female Lead chapter 31

31. Family Competition, Showing Off a Little

“Meng’er, you advanced?”

Yan Zhen was a bit surprised by the aura emanating from Yan Meng’er.

In the three months that had passed since the last test, Yan Meng’er’s cultivation had already risen from Mystic Disciple 8th stage to Mystic Disciple 9th stage, and her aura was quite full.

Based on Yan Zhen’s experience, at most, in half a year, Yan Meng’er would be able to step into the Mystic One realm.

Her cultivation speed was twice as fast as described in the script.

In the script, Yan Meng’er took nearly half a year to go from 8th stage to 9th stage, and then another year to advance to Mystic One.

She even failed on her first attempt to break through to Mystic One.

It was only because Yan Zhen took pity on her and secretly gave her an extra Condensed Mystic Pill that Yan Meng’er succeeded after taking the medicinal pill. Otherwise, she might have had to drag it out for another half a year.

“Cousin, didn’t you also advance?” Yan Meng’er said with a smile, “Let Meng’er guess, cousin is already at the 8th stage, right? Advancing one stage in a month, cousin’s talent is truly astonishing~”

“Meng’er, you’re not bad either. At the latest, you’ll be able to advance to Mystic One in half a year. A fifteen-year-old Mystic One is rare.”

“It’s all thanks to cousin’s blessing.”

“What does it have to do with me? This is the result of Meng’er’s own hard work.”

—No, in the previous life, if cousin hadn’t secretly given Meng’er a Condensed Mystic Pill, how could Meng’er have successfully advanced to Mystic One on the second try?

Yan Meng’er gazed at Yan Zhen with adoration.

—Although cousin didn’t say anything, Meng’er could sense cousin’s aura left on the medicinal pill.

“It’s about time. Let’s go to the martial arts field.”


Yan Meng’er immediately clung to Yan Zhen, hooking his arm and sandwiching it between her 36D breasts. She said with high spirits:

“Cousin will definitely shine today and make everyone look at you with new eyes!”

Yan Zhen rubbed his nose, feeling a little shy.

Although he had been baptized by his beautiful master’s G-cups over the past two months and had developed some immunity, the destructive power of 36D was still not to be underestimated.

Moreover, Yan Meng’er’s obedient, lively, and youthful demeanor had a completely different charm from his beautiful master’s otherworldly fairy-like temperament.

—Ahem, she’s just my sister. Don’t think too much.

In a happy novel world without a female lead, whether it was a biological sister, a cousin, or a niece, they were all simply sisters. There was no incest.

The two left the courtyard and headed to the City Lord’s Manor martial arts field.

The family competition was a necessary plot point in traditional happy cultivation novels. The protagonist, who had become a loser and was looked down upon, would defeat the most favored peer, thereby achieving a stunning show-off effect.

And the most favored peer in the Yan family at the moment was Yan Mo, the grandson of the Grand Elder, a youth who wasn’t as handsome as him.

His cultivation had already reached Mystic Disciple 9th stage two months ago. After two months of consolidation, his aura was even more perfect than Yan Meng’er’s. If assisted by a “Condensed Mystic Pill”, he would be able to attempt to break through to the Mystic One realm very soon.

Moreover, Yan Mo was also Yan Meng’er’s suitor, having liked her since they were very young.

But Yan Meng’er had always been attached to Yan Zhen. In addition, not only was Yan Zhen’s status higher than his, his talent was also better, and he was more handsome. So, Yan Mo had always harbored a faint hostility towards Yan Zhen.

When he learned that Yan Zhen had fallen in cultivation, Yan Mo deliberately spread rumors, causing Yan Meng’er to actively distance herself from Yan Zhen, and then he took advantage of the situation.

Unfortunately, Yan Meng’er’s heart was still hung up on Yan Zhen, and she wasn’t very interested in Yan Mo’s pursuit, causing Yan Mo to be even more hostile towards Yan Zhen.

In short, it was a common jealousy and rivalry background. Although Yan Zhen had no intention of competing with Yan Mo for anything, Yan Mo was simply making a fuss on his own.

What was that saying again? Very much like a villain.

As soon as Yan Zhen and Yan Meng’er stepped into the martial arts field, they quickly became the focus of attention.

Yan Meng’er was the prettiest girl among their generation, and with her good personality, she was very popular in the family.

Yan Zhen’s original popularity was even higher than Yan Meng’er’s. It was just that three years of decline had caused his reputation to hit rock bottom. However, as the news of his talent recovery spread, everyone’s eyes once again returned to him.

Not with the previous admiration and adoration, but with curiosity and spectating.

No matter how good his talent was, he hadn’t advanced in three years, so he couldn’t be that strong now.

To participate in the competition, the minimum was Mystic Disciple 5th stage. A mere Mystic Disciple 6th stage could only be said to be neither high nor low, and it would be difficult to even make it into the top ten in the family competition.


Yan Zhen listened to the whispers around him and thought, the flavor was right. This was how it should be.

Yan Meng’er, however, was furrowing her beautiful brows like an alert kitten. Whenever she heard someone say something bad about cousin, she would glare at them fiercely with her eyes, cute and fierce!

“Hmph, these guys. Cousin will casually show a move later and make their jaws drop.”

Yan Zhen smiled wordlessly.

When the time came, the City Lord and Family Head Yan Lie appeared, said a few simple words, and then announced the start of the competition.

The many Yan family juniors first drew lots, then began competing on the martial arts stage according to their battle numbers.

Yan Meng’er went on stage earlier than Yan Zhen. When she demonstrated her Mystic Disciple 9th stage cultivation and defeated her opponent with one move, quite a few bootlickers in the audience cheered for her.

Soon, it was Yan Zhen’s turn. His first opponent was none other than Yan Ming, whom he had beaten up last time.

Yan Zhen felt embarrassed to beat him up again, so he suggested:

“Do you want to admit defeat directly?”

Yan Ming snorted coldly and said proudly:

“Young Lord Yan Zhen, do you think I’m still at Mystic Disciple 6th stage? Sorry, I’m already at Mystic Disciple 7th stage. The one who needs to admit defeat should be you. The mystic power of the 7th stage is not something your 6th stage can contend with.”

After saying that, Yan Ming launched a normal attack on Yan Zhen, because he hadn’t learned any mystic techniques.

Yan Zhen didn’t move from his spot. With one hand, he pinched Yan Ming’s fist, pulled with the momentum, and simultaneously tripped him with his foot, easily throwing Yan Ming out. The latter ate dirt and fell off the stage.

“Stage three, Yan Zhen versus Yan Ming. Yan Zhen wins!”

Hearing the elder’s judgment, Yan Ming, who had just gotten up, was still a bit dazed: Who am I? Where am I? How did I lose?

“Cousin is so awesome!”

Only Yan Meng’er was cheering for Yan Zhen in the field. The other peers were all looking at each other, including Yan Mo.

—A 6th stage defeating a 7th stage? How is that possible!

Even the various uncles and elders sitting on the high platform had shocked expressions.

“Could it be that Young Lord has advanced to Mystic Disciple 7th stage?”

Advancing from 6th stage to 7th stage in two months was too fast. Like Yan Mo, it took him a whole year to go from 6th stage to 7th stage, more than half a year to go from 7th stage to 8th stage, and another more than half a year to go from 8th stage to 9th stage. And this was in a situation where resources were basically not lacking.

However, thinking of Yan Zhen’s previous stunning appearance, they could understand.

Yan Zhen began cultivating at the age of five, reached Mystic Disciple 9th stage at the age of ten, and advanced to one-star Mystic One at the age of eleven, creating the record for the fastest Mystic One advancement in the Gallo Kingdom.

Advancing one stage in two months might be as difficult as ascending to the heavens for others, but for him, it was just a common occurrence.

Yan Lie nodded with satisfaction and stroked his beard, very pleased with Yan Zhen’s performance.

In the next two matches, Yan Zhen defeated opponents with only Mystic Disciple 7th stage cultivation in a similar manner, appearing at ease.

In the fourth match, Yan Zhen actually happened to face off against Yan Meng’er.

They All Want to Be My Female Lead

They All Want to Be My Female Lead

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Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Transmigrating into a Fantasy world with no female lead, Yan Zhen becomes the tr*sh protagonist of the book. But as long as he acts out the plot well, he can overturn his fate, become stronger, and reach the pinnacle. It’s not like being a frustrated villain who gets slapped in the face, or a pitiful cannon fodder sacrificed for the plot. How hard could it be to play the protagonist? However—— His fiancée, who was supposed to break off the engagement, immediately wants to consummate their marriage; The aloof female sect master personally guides him as soon as she appears; The wealthy white lotus beauty with maxed out charm ability directly approaches him when they meet.


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